The sauces are amazing at Dona Vito's and I'm not just talking spaghetti sauce. Chef Alan tells me every kitchen has the basic mother sauces but as he puts it, "I like to put my own little swing on things." I have two words on that subject: Pink Sauce. Order anything on the menu that has "pink sauce" and your lips will thank you.

Tortellini in Pink with Blackened Chicken. A large bowl of tortellini blanketed in the spicy pink alfredo sauce topped with the most delicious piece of blackened chicken. I've had blackened menu items before and was never a fan. It seems some restaurants think blackened means burnt. After one bite of this chicken, I can honestly say that this is the best blackened dish I have ever had and I am now a fan. Tender, moist chicken is coated with Dona Vito's blackened spices and grilled to perfection. The perfect combination of the creamy sauce and the crazy spice leaves a little heat behind and makes for a very happy mouth. Blackened Shrimp, Ribeye, Burger, you can bet I'll be back.