Still in the same location, still run by the Marino family and still serving good food. I was welcomed by Anna Marino, matriarch of the Marino family. She's like your next door neighbor that always has something to talk about and always wants to feed you. I liked her the minute we met.

It wasn't long before three amazing dishes were presented to me. First to try, the Ravioli. A giant, hand-shaped ravioli on a beautiful pink sauce. The pasta is filled with a delicious ricotta and spinach filling. The dough itself, is light and not too thick. And the sauce, a pink vodka sauce, is bursting with flavor. It's a little spicy, cheesy, garlicky, all the good things you want in a sauce and more. It's nice and thick and sticks to every bite of that light pillowy pasta. In between bites, I grabbed one of Anna's famous rolls. Big soft rolls are sliced through the top to create three "slices". In between each is a pad of butter that just oozes out of the warm bread.I had a flashback of my childhood when my mom would buy this loaf of frozen French bread and put a chunk of butter in between each slice and bake it. The oozing butter was there in Anna's rolls but the taste took it to another level. Light and airy and butter. Yum. I dipped in that vodka sauce and I was sold.